Ids and anchors with non unicode characters

How can I make a string containing non unicode characters to be translated to a string usable by links and anchors? Ex: replace “ä” to “a”

Neither urlize nor anchorize do this, they keep “ä” so it’s outputting “ä” in the value of the HTML id tag and %c3%a4 in the value of the HTML href tag, breaking a tabs navigation.

For now I work around this with replace but it’s ugly and not future-proof.

In case you need it here is the code and the preview

anchorize follows the “auto id” setting you have for Markdown, which may or may not strip unicode accents.

Yes, but I have to use autoHeadingIDType: blackfriday because autoHeadingIDType: github-ascii drops the accents instead of replacing them (see this issue) and does not strip the trailing - for some languages (see this issue).

Then you have to pick the poison, I think.