I18n can't read translation for Macau from /i18n/mo.json but read from /i18n/mo-zh.json

My hugo language config is as follow.

contentDir = ‘content/mo’
languageName = ‘mo’
languageCode = ‘mo’
weight = 1

basePath= ‘/mo’

To increase the chances of help, you should provide more detail. Best would beat look to your repository. And of course an expansible or “can’t read translation” actually means – do you see an error message, do you see a wrong translation, none at all…?

The language tag must conform to RFC 5646.

Use either “zh” or “zh-mo” and make sure the i18n file has the same name.

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Thanks. Turned out mo doesn’t align with RFC 5646 standard. I’ve changed it to zh-mo and works fine.

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