I would like to consume the build metrics / template metrics programatically... how can the output be formatted?

I’d like to be able to use the page / template metrics, and list of pages to generate metrics for build pipelines.

The current formatting is hard to parse programmatically.

Is there a way to ask hugo to emit the metrics in a more machine-parsing-friendly format?

No. Use regexes and pipes.

Where is the “NOT a solution” button? :slight_smile:
(hopefully it’s obvious I’m intending to be playful here)

Seriously, tho… is there a legit reason NOT to be able to emit this information in a more parsable fashion?

I’m no expert here, (so please, help me understand if I’m just completely off base here)
It feels like this capability wouldn’t cause any sorts of problems, and I’d imagine the data is arguably in some form of structure internally in the first place… (right?)

Emitting it as a json blob, or
…ew… god I feel dirty saying this…
or whatever structured data format is closest to the internal structures being observed doesn’t feel like something that’s unreasonably complex…

What am I missing?