I have a couple questions about modifying the papermod theme

before i start to make things more clear i use papermod the site domain is pleksa.ga as to make it easier for You to see the site
Here is the repo on github,i use papermod.

1.Is there a way to get a widget on the right side of the site that would be like a block with text or links to the things like the archive and categories
2.I use Disqus for comments and there is an option to comment on the homepage,which is something i don’t want to happen,is there a way to fix this with disqus.
3.I’m not that familiar with papermod and am wondering if i can put a picture in the backgroud of the post block.

example like here.
Sorry if some of the questions are a little too demanding im new to hugo

Please raise your questions with the theme author:

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