Hugo's Tailwind starter template CSS issue

I am having some slight issues with the starter template configurations in my own site:

  1. When using Tailwind’s @apply feature where the CSS does not reflect unless I run hugo --gc and then restart the server.
  2. Where, despite live reload, sometimes the styles are cached by the browser until I hard refresh. (Should I run the command as hugo server --noHTTPCache?)
  3. I call the postProcess code in a partial and it fails the build sometimes when I run hugo server with the error error calling partial: partial "assets/head.html" timed out after 30s. This is most likely due to infinite recursion. If this is just a slow template, you can try to increase the 'timeout' config setting.

I am looking for ideas on how to solve these three issues.

Solved this by adding timeout="10m" to the configuration file. Now to the other two…

Disabling fast render solves the first issue. I am whether not sure if this is a bug? cc @jmooring @bep

I’m pretty sure it’s a misconfiguration in your project.

And since I cannot see your site’s source, I suggest you start out fresh. I tested this OK just now:

  1. Start with a fresh clone of GitHub - bep/hugo-starter-tailwind-basic: A basic and simple to set up Hugo with TailwindCSS starter project.
  2. Run hugo server
  3. Edit styles/HTML add some @apply etc. Watch the home page get resyled.

Disabling fast render solves the first issue. I am whether not sure if this is a bug? cc @jmooring @bep

Also, for the future, unless you have something that’s only relevant for a given person, please don’t use the above constructs, it’s just annoying. I read most of the threads in here.

I deleted the node_modules and reinstalled afresh. Works for now. Will test more later.

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I found some (2) issues related to the case where you’re starting out with no hugo_stats.json which may be what you’re getting confused by:

See Check initial server build when no hugo_stats.json file exists · Issue #11264 · gohugoio/hugo · GitHub

I’m looking at the fix as we speak.

Excellent! (The issue did occur again, but let me try the new version 0.115.4 and see if it solves the issue.)

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