Hugo Trivia

Eva Mendes’ dog is named Hugo.

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Now you’ve done it; I’m really in love.

Cobra was originally named “Gobra” but it was deemed too sports-bra-like and nixed for the more reptilian choice.

@RickCogley… That’s actually true. For about half a second I called it Gobra. Gobra Commander, but quickly just reverted back to Cobra.


hysterical, I thought it was just my own addled mind :slight_smile:

This thread started out so great … :slight_smile:

There once was a german TV show, where callers played a computer game, controlling the main character via telephone buttons. The main character’s name was “Hugo”.

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Why is Hugo called Hugo anyway?

I have a very vague recollection of reading somewhere that it involved a ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’ cultural reference, but I may be just making that up, to try and impose order on this crazy world.