Hugo Themes with Page Bundles and .Resources

If you know of any Hugo themes that use the new features please post them in this topic.

I think it would be useful to have a directory of themes that utilize Page Bundles and .Resources for users who are not familiar with these features and also for reference.

Also maybe there should be a new subsection tag for these kind of themes in the Hugo Themes repo.

Relevant Github Issue:

Page bundles were added in v0.32, which released on December 31. Since that date, the following themes have been added to the themes repository:

When I search through the code of these repositories for ‘.Resources’, I don’t find any that uses that new feature. Perhaps you have more luck searching for page bundles features, but so far it seems that there isn’t a theme yet that uses such a feature.

Edit: and neither could find a mention of page bundles in their README files or when peaking in the /exampleSite/ folder.

From the themes’ perspective, “.Resource” is the string to look for.

As to some just started theme stuff I’ve been pondering on that uses .Resources:

I use all the latest templating conventions in my “debugging” theme:

The theme is developed with a purpose of helping someone (me) better understand Hugo internals, and design templates the right way. It’s not meant for final production.


Few features:

  • Provides context dependent debug info on each page
  • Recognizes bundle types
  • Uses Resources and Image Processing
  • Use of baseof
  • Inline CSS using partial
  • Search using fuse.js

Version 3.7.0 of the After Dark theme adds a new feature called Post Images, enabling users to add responsive header images to post content. The theme update utilizes the following new Hugo features:

  • Image Processing for generation of responsive images using the srcset and sizes attributes.
  • Page Bundles together with Resources Metadata to enable config-driven post image generation.
  • Used in combination with lazysizes to produce low-quality image placeholders with blur-up.

See it in action here:

Reference to the After Dark docs for the ridiculously simple set-up.