Hugo Templating: Quotes within Quotes

I’m trying to call a Hugo function within an HTML attribute. The function I’m calling is strings.TrimRight which needs two arguments enclosed within quotes. My code looks something like this:

<a href="{{ strings.TrimRight (.Permalink) "/" }}"></a>

I want to remove the last / from .Permalink. How would it be possible?

Did you try to escape the quotes like

<a href="{{ strings.TrimRight (.Permalink) \"/\" }}"></a>

Not tested, just an idea.

Hope this helps.

Escape sequences don’t work.

Hmmmm, that‘s not good. Did you try single quotes either for href or inside for the expression? I mean the combination of quotes and single quotes.

@kaushalmodi recently taught me that back quotes are supported in Hugo. You should try those.


@regis Yes, using back quotes worked. :smile:

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Just to close the loop, that example of using backquotes is now live here.