Hugo server not ignoring dotfiles

Hi! First of all, thanks for developing hugo so that dumbs like me can make useful webs. I’m editing my files with Kate, which creates swap dotfiles When running hugo server, if one of those is changed the web is rebuilt and reloaded by the browser. This is kind of inconvenient. I thought I had read dotfiles would be ignored. I’ve also tried ignoreFiles = [ “\.kate-swp$” ] in config.toml to no avail. Any hints?

Did you also try two slashes (so "\\.kate-swp$")? That’s something that the docs example itself uses.

Sorry, yeah, that’s what I actually tried to no avail.

Ah okay, too bad that didn’t work either.

I searched a bit more but didn’t find why it doesn’t work for you, but there is a similar open issue on GitHub: hugo server does not ignore files specified in the ignoreFiles option.