Hugo serve vs hugo server

What is the difference between the two? I could not find any documentation for hugo serve.

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According to the source code, serve is just an alias for server, so the behavior is the same:

func (b *commandsBuilder) newServerCmdSignaled(stop <-chan bool) *serverCmd {
	cc := &serverCmd{stop: stop}

	cc.baseBuilderCmd = b.newBuilderCmd(&cobra.Command{
		Use:     "server",
		Aliases: []string{"serve"},
		Short:   "A high performance webserver",
		Long: `Hugo provides its own webserver which builds and serves the site.
While hugo server is high performance, it is a webserver with limited options.

Source code here :


Okay, good to know. Thanks for responding. Is it something that we can document on the hugo server page?