Hugo Redirecting Some Content To Home Page


Currently encountering a strange issue. It looks like Hugo has decided to randomly redirect content to the home page, and it doesn’t appear as though there’s a clear reason as to what’s redirected and what isn’t.

Example #1 - should render an image and not the home page. This image is inaccessible regardless of browser, clearing cookies, purging the top-level “public” folder, etc…

Example #2 - February 2022 Newsletter renders the home page in the iframe instead of the hosted HTML source.

I’m additionally seeing 403 and 404 errors for links that lead to our partners.

This behavior is new, and have only started seeing it with the 0.125.7 upgrade when I publish the site to Amplify. Localhost behaves as expected, so it looks like there’s something broken with the build protocol.

Thoughts? Any and all feedback is appreciated.

This seems to be an Amplify issue. is redirecting to


Are you replying from outside the US? If yes, you will be redirected. We have enacted heavy geo-restrictions because of ongoing DDoS, and to further secure our ongoing Google Ads as we can qualify our ads had run in Tehran within the last 45-days.

I’d recommend using a VPN if you can help with this issue.

…but you think the problem is with Hugo? :laughing:


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