Hugo Pipes and Tailwind’s upcoming Oxide engine

An upcoming version of Tailwind CSS will use a Rust-based “Oxide” engine that, among other things, incorporates PostCSS rather than requiring it as a separate dependency. Has anyone had a chance to test whether Hugo Pipes will still be able to use resources.PostCSS to work with Tailwind/Oxide?


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As I understand it from other sources, they will start using lightningcss instead of PostCSS, but oI may be wrong. In any case,

  • Tailwind will still be a program that Hugo can interact with.
  • I doubt it will work out of the box (since resources.PostCSS works with … PostCSS directly)
  • I’m also pretty sure it will be a simple fix in Hugo to get it working.
  • Also, I’m a Tailwind user, so it will likely have a high priority …
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Thanks. It definitely will include Lightning CSS but it’s unclear as yet whether it truly dumps PostCSS or simply embeds it somehow. Anyway, am very glad to know you’ll be addressing it when the time comes!

Edit: Found this, FWIW:

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