Hugo on Android: Termux apt repository

Like everybody else I was pretty excited once I heard about Hugo’s SCSS capabilities which became a reality in the latest releases. This means my projects are no slave to nodesass anymore and will finally build on my Android phones and tablets. Yay! But alas, the prebuilt Hugo binaries for ARM don’t include the extended madness the Hugo developers worked so hard on. I tried to resolve this problem myself. And as it turns out building an extended version for Termux and Android wasn’t that difficult. Following the Termux wiki on package management and borrowing from the homebrew build script resulted in: a Termux APT repository for Hugo. Find instructions to add the repository to Termux on the repository website or the accompanying github repo.

The repository includes builds for aarch64, arm, x86_64 and i686. The x86_64 and i686 are so far untested. I hope this is useful for anyone besides myself and am thankful for any feedback.

TL;DR; for trusting Termux aficionados

mkdir -p $PREFIX/etc/apt/sources.list.d
echo "deb termux extras" \
> $PREFIX/etc/apt/sources.list.d/holehan.list
curl -L | apt-key add -
pkg install hugo

This is very cool … but curious: Do you use this setup for anything useful? It is really cool for demo purposes (Look at this!), but …?

Also, we will eventually build the extended version for more platform. But when I had a cross-build for win/darwin/linux I was just about ready to throw my MacBook out the window … so I have to cool off a little before I revisit this area.


Time will tell. Until then you’re not wrong, I am currently using Hugo on my phone/tablet mostly for quick fixes when I don’t have access to a “real” computer. However Termux also runs on Chromebook devices. There Termux seems to be the only easy way to get proper dev shell access - now including Hugo :wink:


ARM is a must IMHO and Hopefully no computers will be hurt in the making :slight_smile: I fully intend on running my builds, my everything on my Raspberry Pi. P.s. Love Termux!

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Good news, everyone - and excuse me for reviving this topic. Hugo is now part of the official termux repository! :partying_face: If you just cared about hugo and not the other awesome package(s) in my repository, you may want to remove my repo. Proceed as follows:

# Remove repository from sources list
rm $PREFIX/etc/apt/sources.list.d/holehan.list
# Remove signing key
apt-key del C9681FDF7AEBD90F
# Update packages
pkg upgrade

when I try to generate site on termux, there’s error:
Error: Error copying static files: chtimes /storage/emulated/0/xxx/ : operation not permitted

Do you grant termux read and write access to external storage?

I just checked again, it seems the the permision setting of termux app, is empty, I can choose allow all from menu tho, but the setting is empty .