Hugo modules for content

Hello Folks,

Thank you for all the great work with the latest releases. Helps me a lot. I have a quick question.

I have managed to use mount to pull content in like mentioned below:

    path = ""
    disabled = false

    source = "documentation"
    target = "content/mobile/ios"

The challenge I am running into is that it only works if target is a folder directly under content, i.e a top level section. In the example above I get this error:

ERROR 2019/08/20 17:49:46 process: readAndProcessContent: walk: open “ios” (""): file does not exist

However, if I replace the target with “content/mobile” it works fine. I tried going through release notes and github issues but did not see any such restriction mentioned. Perhaps I missed it. Is this how it is suppose to work?

I can confirm that I’m running into a similar issue with my own modules.

Since you were looking for similar issues, there’s #6209 and #6165, where the former was closed via pull request 6223. This pull request is in Hugo version 0.57.0, but I am encountering this thread’s issue in 0.57.2.

Further context for my case:

I’m modularizing my existing theme Midnight, and a number of features seem ripe for turning into modules. One such example is using KaTeX to display math type. To minimize template changes, I’ve kept folder mounts at the same paths, so partials to integrate CSS and JS are mounted at layouts/partials/shortcodes/katex. The error I get is Error: add site dependencies: load resources: loading templates: walk: open "katex" (""): file does not exist. If I change the target directory to layouts/partials/shortcodes though, Hugo instead errors on the next module, which suffers from the same issue.

@Shadow53 thank you for your input. @bep any help will be very appreciated.