Hugo Modules downloaded zip file too large


I am in the process of setting up hugo modules for our site. We’re trying to mount a set of images from a large private repo (which we have access to). The repo is about 1.2GB. We have this in our config.yaml file:

    - path:
      - source: icons
        target: assets/icons

when running hugo mod get -u
we get the logs

go: finding latest
go: downloading v0.0.0-20200812143334-89415eb561cf
go get downloaded zip file too large

Is there a limit to the repo size from which we can mount? We don’t need access to the whole repo, just the subfolder with the icons.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

This is an error with go get, I think.

I suggest try specifying the branch with the path

just a guess

@moe_narrow Thanks for the suggestion, but did not solve the issue :confused:

Its 1GB as I am aware hence modules repo need to be split

Yes, I think it’s currently at 1GB. That is, unfortunately, not a limit we control (it’s in Go), and it does not matter if you only need 1 file.