"hugo --minify" strips spaces and preserve some new lines

When I use hugo --minify in my branch/repo:

  1. some new lines are not minified,
  2. some spaces are striped.

Window 000222
Window 000224 Window 000223

This might be related to https://discourse.gohugo.io/t/hugo-minify-strips-out-p-tags/.

If a maintainer confirms this is a buggy/unwanted behavior, I can open an issue in tdewolff/minify if it’s what needs to be done.

Someone has any insight on this?

I’m looking for some insight on this as well, in my case I don’t have a problem with spaces being removed (as long as it’s not between words) but for some reason some new lines still get generated. Seems to happen inside a {{ range }}, I tried removing the indentation inside the range but it didn’t work

Author of minify here. In general a lack of newlines does not mean it is minified well! You will actually see that other minifiers would use a space instead of a newline, which results in the same file size. Whitespace (space or newline) is significant between phrasing elements (such as the A tag), so these space must be preserved in the same way we preserve spaces between words.

Other insignificant whitespace is always removed (unless you use display:block on an inline element and then depend on whitespace for element positioning … BAD!).

If you think a space could be removed safely or a whitespace is removed that is unsafe, please report a bug at the minify github!

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I noticed this behavior as well, for example in this case with a Font Awesome placeholder.

<div class="post__meta">
      <i class="fas fa-calendar-alt"></i> {{ .Date.Format (.Site.Params.dateformat | default "Jan 02, 2006") }}

I don’t use the JS framework, only the CSS integration of Font Awesome 5, which relies on the ::before pseudo element content with an hexadecimal refering to a character in a font file. With the minification the space between the i element and the date disappears.

Yes this is a valid problem that should be fixed in the minifier (though I’d argue this a bad design from the Font Awesome package actually!). See https://github.com/tdewolff/minify/issues/240

Actually Font Awesome is one example, but the pseudo element content CSS property is used in various places, it could be quotes for blockquote element, etc.

This is now fixed!


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