Hugo in public administration

Hugo has gone public so to say. At least this is the case in Denmark, where Viborg Municipality has launched a subsite built on Hugo.

The subsite serves 1589 minutes (summaries from committees in the municipality) containing a total of almost 45.000 pdf documents. Total amount of data involved: 32GB, which were extracted from Lotus Notes.

You can read more about the project and the process in this case-story (in english).

As the article says, the folks at the municipality seem satisfied with the result. This confirms IMHO once again, that Hugo is not only for blogs. Hugo is just as much for big sites, and it’s more than ready to go big in every meaning of the word.

In Viborg Hugo now powers a part of a public administration site, which is otherwise served by Sitecore (Microsoft). So why not somewhere else? And why necessarily just as a part of?

I’d really love to hear about other cases, where Hugo has climbed up the ladder. Isn’t it born for that?


Thanks for this. I, for one, totally agree with you. We’ve got some interesting use-cases in our showcase for Hugo here:

I found two more with a bit of Googling:

  •, “A cloud application platform for government teams”, also uses Hugo. Here’s their GitHub repository.

  • also uses Hugo. Here is the GitHub repo.


I did a complete responsive redesign of (github repo) using Hugo and we love the result.


18F seems to have added Hugo to their tool box. And while it is very cool what my Danish neighbours in Viborg is doing, having the US government building sites with Hugo adds visibility.


Also … well not sure if that fits in “public administration”… but sort of government related.

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The Medcine Research Computing taskgroup of the School of Medicine from the University of Virginia also uses Hugo. Here is their website and this is their GitHub repository.

A computer science taskgroup of Purdue University uses Hugo for their PROS project, “a lightweight and fast alternative open source operating system for VEX EDR Microcontrollers”. Here is the source on GitHub.

The Digital Standards group of the City of Philadelphia also uses Hugo. Here is their open beta website: The GitHub repository is here.

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The French government uses Hugo for its Commission pour l’indemnisation des victimes de spoliations (CIVS) website found here (English version). That commission helps with compensating WW2 victims who had assets stolen, like paintings and other art.

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The US state of Virginia,, is also a Hugo user. (Version 0.18.1 currently.)

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