Hugo Hanging on GitHub Actions Ubuntu VM Sometimes

We are facing this issue. Hugo hangs on the GitHub Actions Ubuntu VM sometimes. What was the cause? I am asking for help from you! ʕ◔ϖ◔ʔ

Hanging at hugo step sometimes · Issue #465 · peaceiris/actions-hugo

Strangely enough, my Hugo projects have never faced this…

Install NPM Deps

The build script also calls other dependencies.

CI/CD tools builds may fail for a variety of reasons, like for example timeouts.

I’ve seen similar behavior in one of my projects, that failed to deploy on Netlify due to an updated Python package.

Since the Hugo project itself, appears to generate without problem locally this does not seem like something that is strictly related to Hugo.

Perhaps others may have other ideas about what might be causing this.

Personally I would try asking the maintainers of the Ubuntu VM on GitHub Actions, they may know why the build hangs sometimes.

My first look would be into the variables your action uses. Are they defined on the project that starts hanging?

@onedrawingperday @davidsneighbour Thank you for your comment!

First of all, I thought that this problem is related to the difference of dependencies or shell variables between local and remote, me too. But, when I removed images, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files from the user’s content directory, then built it some times with a small set. It works well. This problem is related to user content, I think now.

File encoding, size, or type? It’s strange…

Hard to say. Maybe there are limitations with the Ubuntu VM for GitHub Actions.

I would assume so, since in the linked GitHub discussion it appears that the project builds fine with the MacOS VM.

Don’t know who maintains the Ubuntu VM but if possible try asking them.

If you get a reply, please post a link to it, in this topic.

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I have opened the following threads:

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