Hugo for Microblogs

Do you have a script that grabs the tweets? I’m looking for something like that.

I originally used the Twitter Export feature. Log into Twitter, go to your account settings, then “Your Twitter data” (you may need to confirm your password here). At the bottom of the page is “Download your Twitter data”, which will allow you to download a zip file of your tweets in two different formats: a CSV file and a collection of JSON blobs.

The data here was a little hard for me to work with. I used this data to get the contents of my tweets, but I did end up writing a couple of command line PHP scripts to fetch the content of reposts and replies. I’m happy to share, if these will be of use to you; but they’ll take some cleaning up because they were quick-and-dirty for my immediate needs.

Thanks for that. I will give it a go. I guess ultimately, I’ll be looking for something I can automate but I might be able to do that using Node.JS anyway. Cleaning it up won’t be a problem, I’m used to tidying up data.

I also need to think about how to integrate it into my blog. I’ve been thinking about using a microblog format actually. In Wordpress, you get different post types such as the “aside” which is a micro blog format that appears in the usual timeline. Ideal for integrating your tweets.


Thanks for all the replies and help.

I tried all of the suggestions listed here, but nothing worked to my satisfaction.

I decided to use titles for all of my blog posts, even the “status updates”.

The Hugo generated blog also looks much better with titles.

Thanks to everybody for their inputs, appreciate the help.

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What if they’ve blocked your account? And then blocked the account you used to report the status of your blocked account? FML. LuL. Seriously though cool stuff are the crawlers eating it up?

I thought about using to generate either a data file to reference, or the HTML pages with configurable statuses on them. Those should fairly easy to incorporate. And if you import on a schedule, you can also delete the posts from the ActivityPub source. Not a bad way to use another system, but have archive abilities.

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