Hugo doesn't find the files under the content directory


I have created a minimal site that have some sections with some files in them.
The files are in markdown, but only contains front-matter in json format.

The files are generated by another program and copied into the contents folder.

But hugo does not find the files, or at least ignores them.

If I run “hugo server -D” there is no content. But if I open one of the in an editor and just resave the file; hugo picks it up and the file is rendered correctly.

So it seems like everything is working as expected once hugo finds the file, but it only finds the file once I open and resave it in the editor.

When running hugo without the server, it contents is missing in the public folder.

The code for reproducing the problem is at:

Output from hugo env:
Hugo Static Site Generator v0.69.2-EC9DCF30 windows/amd64 BuildDate: 2020-04-24T07:51:17Z

git version

Delete content/index.html.

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Wow, that was simple.

Thanks for the quick help!

Thanks for sharing your repo! Folks never understand how helpful that is for receiving assistance. :slight_smile:

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