Hugo does not serve project on Mac Os Big Sure 11.6 pipe error

Hello everyone! I got this problem when i start hugo hugo serve.
When i added --watch=false it was started without problem.

Mac Os Big Sure 11.6
hugo hugo v0.88.1+extended darwin/arm64 BuildDate=unknown
in project so many images(8k), pages (9k)
i tried discourse. but it does not work for me

Watching for config changes in config.yml
fatal error: pipe failed

goroutine 1 [running]:
runtime. throw({0x101a09b64, 0xb})
runtime/panic. go:1198 +0x54 fp=0x140cce47840 sp=0x140cce47810 pc=0x100236044
runtime. sigNoteSetup(0x10311c080)
runtime/os_darwin. go:101 +0xdc fp=0x140cce47870 sp=0x140cce47840 pc=0x1002322cc
runtime/sigqueue. go:229 +0x44 fp=0x140cce47890 sp=0x140cce47870 pc=0x1002686c4

What type of Mac are you running, Intel or the newer M1 processor?

newer m1

Hi all
Hi all
this solution works, but after reboot, the limits are erased and must be re-entered.