Hugo content to single json or csv file

Hi there,

Is it possible to export a json or csv file of all the text content including the meta data in a json output which can be shared with seo experts etc. Currently there is no proper way for me to collaborate with marketers and seo experts for hugo website.

If i can export each page content (text only including meta data) that will really help collaboraion easy.

Does anyone have a solution or different aproach to this?


This can be done with a custom output format and a layout for that.

See e.g. ATOM and JSON feeds

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Hi @frjo

Can you advise on how to generate a json in this format

		"id": "1",
		"Page": "Home",
		"Meta data": "",
		"Page content": ""
		"id": "2",
		"Page": "About",
		"Meta data": "1643",
		"Page content": ""

I want hugo to know how many pages it is generating get the content and generate a json file per language that i can send someone to edit content.


This is how I construct a search index, should be easy to modify that to your needs.

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