Hugo CMS with WordPress Posts


Im new to Hugo and so far i like it very much. I plan to build sites using this platform but would like to also use the getJSON for getting posts from a headless WordPress.

Does anyone know of any good tutorials for setting up something like this.

My main requirements are - Main Frontend Website - WordPress Install.

Build site pages in Hugo


On the homepage i would like to display 3 latest posts.
On the posts page display all the posts
Posts Single - Have Hugo generate the pages for the single posts.

If someone could point me to a good tutorial to help me achieve this that would be awesome, or if someone has already done this and is willing to help me i would be prepared to pay a donation for some help.



Check this out to build pages from external data:

Hugo doesn’t do this yet. You’ll need to use a another step to slice up your JSON into individual files to get single posts rendered via Hugo.

The good news is: it’s being worked on and when we get it there will be a deluge of API-driven Hugo tutorials. :slight_smile:

Thanks, budparr

i will take a look, a bit late in the day now, but as soon as i have some spare time i will have a look.

Thanks for the reply

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Hi maiki

Thanks for the reply.

Do you know where in the Roadmap this feature is, any timescales?