Hugo can't find asciidoctor on Windows 10

Some months ago I used to succesfully build the website from .adoc files with Hugo, and all was well.
However, now Hugo laments that it can’t find asciidoctor:

ERROR 2022/01/11 11:43:48 asciidoctor not found in $PATH: Please install.
                  Leaving AsciiDoc content unrendered.

PATH has all the path that it requires. Asciidoctor is installed as a gem with Ruby, with also the -html5 and -diagrams.
I fear that some Windows update has broken something in Hugo, as I left the project exactly where it was when it was working. What can I do to be up and running again?

Please open Windows Power Shell, type $Env:Path, press enter/return, and paste the results here.

Please do the same with hugo version.

Please do the same with asciidoctor --version.

Upon closer inspection of the PATH env variable, I found out that it was cluttered by other installations and some characters got warbled up.
Fixing it solved the issue.

Thanks anyway for the response!

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