Hugo can’t handle private modules

I had no luck with the git config stuff. My question is why hugo wraps the go get stuff to begin with. I can do go get on my private module just fine but hugo can’t handle private modules at all

Please provide some details:

  1. Is there an error message, if so, what is the message?
  2. Does this happen when you build the site locally?
  3. Does this happen in a CI context (e.g., Netlify, building GitHub pages, etc.)?

Probably to make sure that you mount a Hugo module, not just a Go module. Yes, a Hugo module is a Go module. No, a Go module is not always a Hugo module. Without a proper error message and a module to test with we won’t be of much help here.

Thanks folks, I didn’t ask for help :slight_smile: I just use raw git to solve my problem (nothing related to go).
My question was purely about hugo wrapping the go get.

So we can:

  • Set a custom environment (e.g. cache dir)
  • Integrate it with the Hugo config (config.toml)
  • Do vendoring of modules

The list is long.

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