Hugo can’t find site.Data with a current development build

Hi there,

When I compile and run the current development branch ‘master’ on my local machine, I get a lot of errors regarding missing data structures. My templates are checking their existence and I don’t get any parameters from a few files in data.

I’ve checked a local build of the current stable branch to rule out some local misconfiguration: Everything is fine, the same as with downloaded builds. If this is a bug, it must have been introduced recently.

Did I miss some coming changes in the syntax?

No, there’s no functional data related changes, so you have found a bug (I have rewritten lots of the internals).

Can you elaborate a little about how you have this set up? Do you have data configured as mount into a sub folder or something?

I have created this issue to remind me:

Thanks, I’ve added my setup in a comment on this issue.

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