Hugo built XML instead HTML

Hi, I have a wordpress project that I am trying to pass to Hugo using the wordpress-to-hugo plugin, the plugin generated me a .zip file with this estructure:
-22.2-categories-contact form-front page-listing-details-post-sample-page-search-page-search-results-wp-content-config.yaml (file)
As far as I know, Hugo needs the content folder to generate
the views, so I moved all the folders to a folder called content, inside
the same directory, so I have somehting like:
I executed Hugo and I get:

Now Hugo generated a public folder with a bunch of contents, but all
of them are *.xml files and not *.html. I started the server using hugo server -w -D but then in the browser I see nothing, I opened localhost:1313 but it doesn’t show anything. What am I missing?

Have you seen the docs?

I’m not sure where you got the contentconfig.yaml from; I’m pretty sure it’s not in the docs.

the config.yaml is generated by the plugin. I checked and it’s valid, Hugo takes or toml file or yaml

@sredXNY do you happen to have your output source in a repository so that I can take a look? When you converted your content from Wordpress into markdown files using the Hugo conversion tool, did you also install a theme by any chance? Bep makes a good point about there being no use for contenconfig.yml, but now that you’ve changed it to Hugo standards (i.e., config.yml), are you still getting the same issue?

Hi, yes I just installed the HTML5 template and now hugo is generating the *.HTML files.Now, am wondering, the template that I choose affects how it looks? I mean, I had a design in wordpress and now it doesn’t even look similar.

This depends on a whole bunch of different things. I honestly don’t know anything about the conversion tool, but I believe it only exports your WordPress content, so the styling is something very different…

You’re right, that’s what I noticed. Thank you very much!