Hugo Build Errors Through Netlify

Hi~ I’m having some strange build errors while trying to deploy to Netlify from Git. Here are the errors

10:05:35 PM: ERROR: 2017/09/19 03:05:35 template.go:477: template: /opt/build/repo/themes/hugo-nuo/layouts/_default/baseof.html:18: function "now" not defined
10:05:35 PM: ERROR: 2017/09/19 03:05:35 template.go:132: template: theme/partials/head.html:2:9: executing "theme/partials/head.html" at <.Type>: can't evaluate field Type in type *hugolib.Node in theme/partials/head.html
10:05:35 PM: ERROR: 2017/09/19 03:05:35 general.go:212: Error while rendering section post: template: /opt/build/repo/themes/hugo-nuo/layouts/_default/baseof.html:22:13: executing "/opt/build/repo/themes/hugo-nuo/layouts/_default/baseof.html" at <.Kind>: can't evaluate field Kind in type *hugolib.Node
10:05:35 PM: Build complete: exit code: 255

And here is a link to the repository:

I’ve already been over everything and can’t find the issue. Could someone else please take a look?


Based on the error messages I guess that you’re using an older version of Hugo. But you can specify the Hugo version Netlify should use to build your site.

I’m running version 0.25.1, is this not up to date?

Okay, I got that working, but now my styles aren’t showing up at all, as you can see here

I made sure to try pointing my baseURL at both my github repo and my URL, neither worked.

Could you try to prefix your baseurl with https:// or http://

That changed it a little, but still didn’t get me the right results

Could I not be declaring my style properly?

You are runing a very old Hugo version. Please check with the Netlify documentation about how to update. Optionally ask Netlify.