Hugo as a documentation tool

@bep took the time to port the Slate theme to Hugo. It’s a great theme if you want to document API’s or related types of content. Give it a try.


I’ve just released a first cut at a documentation theme, plain-docs.

It’s (eventually) intended for documentation sites that:

  • Have a lot of pages, and need nested menus for navigation.
  • Need to be browseable from a local file system, offline, without an internet connection.

Links below:

This reminds me - I’ve been working on a Hugo documentation theme as spare time allows:

I’d consider it in pre-beta stage at this point, but will try to get some more core features and improvements to out as time allows.

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An old thread but possibly worth keeping alive. There is a theme called docDock which looks like a decent way of producing searchable documentation.

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I know this is a bit old, but since your theme is so effective as it is beautiful I would like to request a repair on this issue:

It appears with HUGO v32 up to v34 on mac and win machines.

I saw today that Pupil labs, which from what I understand makes open source tools for eye tracking, uses Hugo for their documentation. Perhaps their implementation might help some in this thread.

Here they discuss why they went from GitHub wiki to a Docs site with Hugo. Their actual documentation site is here: And here is the GitHub repository.

Their docs site is by the way not only about code, but also hardware. That makes it a nice example compared with other only-code-focused docs.