Hugo and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Google does not warn you when you use Google Fonts, neither do they warn you when you embed YouTube. Facebook does not warn you when you use FB comments. Microsoft does not warn you when you embed GitHub gists. Twitter does not warn you when you embed a timeline. Why should Hugo?

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because Hugo is an open source great tool by and for users.

And not a f*****ng mega group with a business of collecting and selling personal user data, condamned numerous time and they don’t give a single s****t.

That’s why.

What word you do not understand in “ILLEGAL in some EU countries”. ILLEGAL.

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I do understand.

Therefore I will create a pull request for the docs containing:

  • a warning on the shortcodes page (Warning: some of the following shortcodes may not be GDPR compliant as they may load third party content without the visitors consent.)
  • changed wording on the ‘Hugo and GDPR’ page (‘privacy settings’ as the title and just a footnote mentioning the GDPR, as discussed…)



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