Hugo and image processing - best practice for Git hosted/deployed blogs

I have a blog running with Hugo and I love the SSG, but I’m getting a bit worried about the size of my GitHub repository.

When I write a post, I commit it to GitHub and it then deploys to Netlify. I’ve found I have to commit all the images and the _gen images for it to successfully process. If I don’t, it times out and fails.

The git repo is about 6GB and when I render the site locally, the public/ folder is about 1.8GB. This seems fine at the moment, but it is only getting bigger.

I make use of the Hugo image processing features (each image is processed and deployed into four smaller sized pictures, along with the original and I use a shortcode to do it) so my understanding is I can’t use Git-LFS features?

So what are the recommendations on what to do here? Am I doing something wrong? What is the best practice for using Hugo’s image processing workflow and also deploying to Netlify?

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Bump! Any suggestions?

For a site that big, I recommend offloading your images externally, e.g. Cloudinary, S3 bucket or use Cloudflare’s image resizing feature.

Having the resources in your repo helps Netliy to build from cache rather than having to rebuild the images every time (hence the time out).

You can increase the timeout in config.yaml to get around that issue:

I deploy to GitHub Pages, and I don’t check in anything in resources or public. That would be too much. Maybe try build caching with a CI workflow?

Thanks for the tips.

I did try updating the timeout limit but it didn’t seem to have any effect - locally or on Netlify. Maybe I need to try again.

As for publishing - I think if I move the only option I have is to stop using Git and GitHub and just deploy manually via rclone or similar to a host like Cloudflare and R2. A shame as I love the git - commit - push workflow.

My aim is to keep publishing as simple as possible (for me) while using a SSG!

If you have a lot of high res base images and process to multiple sizes (probably with the more intensive algos?) then your first build time will be very long.
For me a clean start build is 40 minutes with only a fraction of my content up so far (my processing does a little USM sharpening to the images also) .
You need the _gen cache so future builds are shorter.
Because of that I went the route of

  1. Make sure the page’s base images aren’t copied over with
    publishResources: false
  1. Build locally
  2. use a grunt script to remove any intermediates used in the processing pipeline but not linked in the html (hoping Hugo can do this in the future)
  3. sftp sync the result

I can add a new post, rebuild, run the script and sync in a minute or two.