Hugo 0.58.0 warnings for processed images in multilingual projects

Thanks for 0.58.0 of Hugo!

I maintain a bunch of multilingual sites with shortcodes and partials for responsive images.

For each image I get an error like this:

WARN 2019/09/05 08:35:17 Duplicate target paths: …/www/public/post/featured-image_huf0479fb80bec8b03051b19a2bfc9cca9_524309_1024x0_resize_q75_box.jpg (2), …/www/public/post/featured-image_huf0479fb80bec8b03051b19a2bfc9cca9_524309_480x0_resize_q75_box.jpg (2), …/www/public/post/featured-image_huf0479fb80bec8b03051b19a2bfc9cca9_524309_768x0_resize_q75_box.jpg

It obviously is related to this change:

We have improved the file cache logic for processed images and only stores them once when the same image is bundled in multiple languages.

As soon as I disable all but the main language there are no more warnings:

  - en
  - fr

(Yet, it is just a warning. Everything works—online and locally.)

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Thanks a lot!

As there is a new issue on GitHub, I will mark this thread as solved.

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