Hugo 0.56.3 Released

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Updated in After Dark Dockerfile.

Hugo 0.56.3 packages

Brew - a macOS package manager - updated :white_check_mark:
Snap Package - the Hugo Snap (Snapcraft) package for Linux distributions

  • traditional release - updated :white_check_mark:
  • extended release - updated :white_check_mark:

Docker/CI Image - a Hugo Docker image for Continuous Integration - updated :white_check_mark:
Debian (sid) - updated :white_check_mark: (Track link)
Ubuntu (eoan) - not yet updated :x: (Track link)
Fedora Copr - Hugo RPM packages for Fedora and CentOS - not yet updated :x:
Chocolatey Package - the Hugo Chocolatey package for Windows

Scoop - another Windows package manager - Hugo package not available any more


I wonder if it’s possible (or do-able) to add Netlify here, in sense of “is this version up there yet” too :wink:

I always bump the Netlify version when I push the release notes, so if you’re reading the release notes …


Hmmm… Netlify… :heart_eyes_cat:

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Once Hugo’s release assets are up on GitHub’s Releases section of its repo, Netlify automatically gets it.

Behind the scenes, Netlify simply does a wget/curl of the asset archive file from the Releases area, and extracts/puts the Hugo binary in PATH.

The HUGO_VERSION env var is used to construct the full URL for downloading that release archive.


It seems that homebrew have some CI problems since few days. We have to wait for this to be solved to get brew updated I guess.

[EDIT] CI worked again just seconds after this post. lol. Thanks all for this great great work


Hi! Sorry for being late. Debian package for Hugo 0.56.3 is now available, see

It is also available at

On Ubuntu,, though binary build was unsuccessful due to my forgetfulness in setting the proper minimum version for some of the dependencies. Hope 0.56.3-2 can be built successfully in Ubuntu eoan.

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