Hugo 0.56.0 Released!

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… and improved Org mode support!


Thank you very much for the update!

I have one question to this new module feature: When I understand it right (sorry, my dev-skills are just basic), I can import also content from another source.

So let’s say I have a bunch of JSON files in a Github Repo that match the frontmatter-structure – can I also add them as a module and Hugo will create pages out of them?

Brew - a macOS package manager - updated :white_check_mark:
Snap Package - the Hugo Snap (Snapcraft) package for Linux distributions

  • traditional release - updated :white_check_mark:
  • extended release - updated :white_check_mark:

Docker/CI Image - a Hugo Docker image for Continuous Integration - updated :white_check_mark:
Debian (sid) - updated :white_check_mark: (Track link)
Ubuntu (eoan) - not yet updated :x: (Track link)
Fedora Copr - Hugo RPM packages for Fedora and CentOS - updated :white_check_mark:
Chocolatey Package - the Hugo Chocolatey package for Windows

Scoop - another Windows package manager - Hugo package not available any more


Looks like “no” – for now (see:

Looks like “yes” as you can import and mount to the Content folder

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Updated the CI image.


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Shows how to build 0.56.0 extended using Docker. Until Bep deletes this and me.

Hi! Sorry for being late. For the sake of completeness, Debian package for Hugo 0.56.0 is now available at for archival purposes since it has been superseded by 0.56.3 as of this writing.

On Ubuntu,, though binary build was unsuccessful due to my forgetfulness in setting the proper minimum version for some of the dependencies.

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