Hugo 0.41 Released

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The Snap & 3rd-Party Releases

Snap Package - the Hugo Snap (Snapcraft) package for Linux distributions - updated
Docker/CI Image - a Hugo Docker image for Continuous Integration- updated
Fedora Copr - Hugo RPM packages for Fedora and CentOS - updated
Brew - a macOS package manager - updated
Chocolatey - a Windows package manager - updated

I periodically check this post for updates but feel free to ping me.

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I just tried out several options in the Privacy Config and I really like the flexibility.

My favorite feature is how one can configure the simple variant for Instagram to use the default shortcode input without having to append _simple

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Thank you! Trying out the privacy stuff today.

Brew - a macOS package manager - updated

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Hi !

The rpms are now up-to-date.

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Debian Package - Hugo .deb package for Debian and Ubuntu - Updated