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Yes, that is a current limitation (they don’t have a permalink for obvious reasons) … You should create an issue.


will do thanks


I’m just going to use this discussion to ask for a confirmation on what I suspect.

Pages inside a page bundle will never have a url on their own, nor will they be generated as a standalone page even as the child of the said post bundle ?
They’re simply content/forntmatter to be retrieved by .Resources methods and used inside the templates of the bundle master post?


That is correct. Also note that the “branch bundles” ("") will not contain any pages (we will probably find a way for them to have at some point).


Thanks for the precision.


I`m sorry about the late comment. After read the first one, I gave up on talking. I’m sorry.

I just want to let you know that I found the difference between Kind and Type really hard to understand.

Thank you for your attention.