Hugo 0.24 Released

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The Snap & 3rd-Party Releases

Hugo Snap - a Hugo Snap package - updated
Docker Hugo - a Hugo Docker image - updated
Fedora Copr - Hugo rpm packages for Fedora and CentOS - updated

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Snap should be on its way – Cannonical has a build infrastructures from the 80s, so there are build queues …

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Looks good. My only minor complaint would be that it throws an error if you include shortcode samples in the content section of the archetype file. The workaround is to break up the opening β€œ{{” with something like β€œ{X{”.

The gain is worth having to remember to delete the β€œX”. :slight_smile:


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Yea, I did not think about that. Could you create an issue on GitHub? We should be able to do some replacements before/after.



Thanks @FelicianoTech for the list. The copr has been updated a few minutes ago :slight_smile:

Also you should edit this page to include the Docker image maybe. It’s a way of installing it after all.

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Updated my post. Will look into adding to that page, thanks.

@rdwatters Is there a suggested place for installing or CI to add my Docker image for your docs?

thank you @bep, the archetypes upgrade is great. Simplifies my scripts.