Hugo 0.15-DEV stripping code in markdown of pre/code tags

So, I just finished adding Travis CI automation to build my site with Hugo and publish it to my account’s Github pages, pointing to that from a custom domain.

I’ve noticed that all my code blocks that worked earlier locally (highlighted via highlight.js) are now plain text and, upon inspecting the generated HTML, do not have any surrounding tags. The code is dumped straight onto the page instead of being wrapped by <pre> or <code> tags.

Any thoughts as to what might have changed? Did I do something wrong with publishing my site? This is my first time to have it not run under hugo server.

My generated site can be found here:
An example of a page where syntax highlighting is not happening is here:
The Hugo project that is generating this site is here:
Finally, the theme powering my Hugo site is here:

My script pulls down the latest commit from Hugo (I think) and builds it. I had previously tested against 0.15-DEV when I was using readdir, but then switched to using 0.14 when I moved from readdir to using content files with front matter instead (so I could use pagination).

So, running the latest 0.15-DEV using hugo server and hugo --theme="grid-side" on my laptop produces the proper pre/code tags. For some reason, my build process on Travis CI results in no pre/code tags. Is there something that I’m missing?

My Travis CI build process is as follows:

  1. Check out the latest commit of my website’s repo:
  2. Download Hugo via go get -v
  3. Build via /home/travis/gopath/bin/hugo --theme="grid-side" to public/
  4. Move to public/ and initialize Git
  5. Push the new version of public/ as the replacement commit for my Github account’s user page:

You can see a log for the latest Travis CI output here:

Any clue as to what I might be doing wrong? Why are my markdown code blocks, generated locally as

<div class="highlight" style="background: #272822">
    <pre style="line-height: 125%">
        <span style="color: #960050; background-color: #1e0010">bind-key Space next-layout</span>

being saved on my Github pages as just

bind-key Space next-layout

As PygmentsCodeFences = true was added very recently, my best guess wold be that you get a stale/cached version of Hugo on Travis. Try to add a hugo version as a part of your build.

Fixed it. You mentioning PygmentsCodeFences = true reminded me that I had accidentally left that set in my config.toml. Since Travis CI didn’t have Pygments installed, it looks like the code was injected with no wrapping tags. So, totally my mistake. Taking it out produced what I wanted.