Hugo 0.115.3 not downloading modules when entering "hugo server"

I just upgraded to v0.115.3 and now when I run “Hugo server” it no longer downloads the modules like it before. Because of this it generates a lot of error messages.

I then ran “hugo mod clean” and it downloaded the modules but still “hugo server” is NOT downloading the modules. I am using docsy as a module.

“When living on the edge a person is likely to bleed”

This is (obviously) not true as a general rule.

If I remember correctly, docsy is set up with some Git submodules, which needs to be handled with Git commands.

There is now a docsy module. It has been working until I upgraded hugo to 0.115.3. Previously when I entered “hugo server” the first thing to come up was the message “downloading modules” which sometimes would take a long time.

OK, then, maybe others who know this module will chime in. But as I said, we have certainly not stopped “downloading modules” when running hugo server.

Sorry for the late reply because I was having health problems.

The reason I found for the errors was because I am not used to using branches and when I was getting the errors I was no longer on my “main” branch. When I switched back to the main branch the errors went away.

Sorry for the confusion.