Howto replace pagination "refresh" with 301 redirect?

When building a site, the summary shows “52 Aliases” created. This 52 aliases are all pagination (page 1) http-equiv=“refresh” type of aliases.

I am unable to disable them with “disableAliases”. I am unable to list them with .Site.Pages.Aliases

Is there another way to get a list of this type of aliases? For now, I am fetching them with the help of
“grep -r” in bash.

My goal is to identify them and add them to a 301 redirect list


I’m not sure if it picks up paginated aliases, but you can try to shortcode at:

I tried looping through .Site.Pages. Only Kinds of pages, taxonomy, taxonomyTerm and section are populated in .Site.Pages.

It seems that paginated lists aren’t pages per-say, and more specially aren’t really considered aliases (except during the build summary output).

Unless there is a .Site.AllPagers variables, I don’t think I can achieve what I want.

Using http-equiv=“refresh” isn’t that bad, I just prefer a 301 than a 200. Running a script before deploy isn’t an issue either, just an annoying extra step.

If someone has another idea, suggestions welcome :wink: