Howto: Hidden pages ( no links, no search)

Is there any builtin way to mark a page as hidden from TOC and search, so that the page can be
reached only if the user know the full path to it ?

I’m using the learn theme, and found that a in the root of content folder gets converted
to foo/index.html , would be nice if it’s foo.html though.

My naive understanding tells me that this has to be supported in theme, perhaps by specifying a
tag and/or keyword , and omitting the page in writing out of json/rss/htm etc. Please tell me that
it’s easier than this !


There are a few other topics here about this same subject. One way is using headless pages with headless: true in the params.

I’m not sure if headless pages show up on the json and rss feed.

A while back I ported a theme that uses an unlisted option. You can find the source code here:

I made sure to keep the unlisted pages out of the json and rss feeds.