Howto: Convert your front matter from TOML to YAML

… or the other way around.

TOML is great, but the big plus for YAML for front matter is that GitHub renders it nicely – so the content also looks good when browsing it there.

Of course, when I realized this I already had a site with lots of TOML.

Here is how I did the conversion. DISCLAIMER: Use as is, take backup of the content before running this (git …), but it worked great for me.

  1. Build and put it on your path (go get, go build …)
  2. From your site’s root, run the following hairy one-liner:

find content -name "*.md" | while read i; do TOML=`sed -n '/+++/,/+++/p' $i | sed '1d; $d' | remarshal -if toml -of yaml`; perl -pi -e "BEGIN{undef $/;} s/\+\+\+.*\+\+\+/---\n$TOML\n---/gs" $i; done

You can also do using the hugo convert command.

$ hugo help convert
Convert will modify your content to different formats

  hugo convert [command]

Available Commands: 
  toJSON                    Convert front matter to JSON
  toTOML                    Convert front matter to TOML
  toYAML                    Convert front matter to YAML

$ hugo convert toYAML --output content_as_yaml
processing 18 content files

However there appears to be a bug where it ignores how markdown files were organized in the content folder. Example:

$ ls content

$ ls content_as_yaml

I think it might have something to do with this line being commented out:

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If the built in Convert converts AND moves my content around in a random fashion, it’s not really something I want to use.

I didn’t know of that built in feature, I have added this issue:

Thanks for sharing @bjornerik, might be a good idea to add a note about converting archtypes also to YAML in the example in your OP. :slight_smile:

And, yeah the default frontmatter format to be used in config.toml should also be changed for those switching to YAML:

MetaDataFormat = "yaml"

I tried both command but config.toml not converted to YAML. What’s wrong with it

>hugo convert toYAML --unsafe
>hugo convert toYAML --config string --unsafe

processing 3 content files
01/08/2018  16:22    <DIR>          .
01/08/2018  16:22    <DIR>          ..
27/07/2018  15:45    <DIR>          archetypes
27/07/2018  15:45                82 config.toml
27/07/2018  15:45    <DIR>          content
27/07/2018  15:45    <DIR>          data
27/07/2018  15:45    <DIR>          layouts
01/08/2018  16:22    <DIR>          resources
27/07/2018  15:45    <DIR>          static
01/08/2018  16:35    <DIR>          themes

Hi @Imjtrial, the Hugo subcommand convert toYAML converts only the front matter of your files under the content/ directory.

config.toml is left untouched.

Would it be a good new feature to add? I don’t know. :wink:

Many thanks I think this is left out for a purpose.

The cleanest, easiest and fastest SSG on the planet is still difficult for non-technical people XD.