[Howto] auto deploy a hugo site on gandi simple hosting

I’m not going to post the whole article I wrote on my website about it here, but if you are interested, I documented the way that I automatically deploy Hugo to Gandi simple hosting.


  • Hugo code on github
  • HTML files on github in separate repository
  • Site on gandi simple hosting (PHP/MySQL instance) which updates within 1 minute of git push to github html repository

In short, how did I do it:

Bash script:

  • generates hugo site after first cleansing the deploy dir. (Not the standard public directory)
  • asks for commit message
  • pushes hugo source code to github
  • pushes html files to github

Webhook on github with php file on simple hosting that does a git pull.

Here is the bash script:

echo -e "\033[1mDeleting files\033[0m" && \
rm -rf && \
echo -e "\033[1mGenerating hugo site\033[0m" && \
echo -e "\033[1mGit commit + push\033[0m" && \
read -p "Commit description: " desc
git add . && \
git add -u && \
git commit -m "$desc" && \
git push &&
git add . && \
git add -u && \
git commit -m "$desc" && \
git push

Off course change the paths to the different directories.

for the complete explanation check it out on my website