How to use shortcodes in a page variable

Hey folks,

I have a variable inside my content file
text = “Hello this is some text and {{% no-line-break %}}this should not break{{% /no-line-break %}}.”

and a shortcode file inside /layouts/shortcodes/no-line-break.html
{{ .Inner | markdownify }}

finally a partial picks up the variable and prints it. All markup is done then but without processing the shortcode. It leaves it as it is. Shouldn’t that work?

Thanks alot!


No that will not work.

Thanks, at least I know now.

But can you tell me why this is or if this is planned for future releases somehow or if there is a better way to do it?

The big picture is, that I want to give editors the possibility to add snippets to textareas in forestry.