How to use render-image.html to customize the rendering image path

My directory structure is as follows:

Write md file in vscode, insert picture and preview normally.
I use github to publish to cloudflare pages, but the image rendering is not normal.
The md source code loads images from the current directory:
After rendering:

When published to cloudflare, the actual image path is:

The added post is fixed. I have added it through render-image.html. How to add the second directory?

<p class="md__image">
    <img src="/post/{{ .Destination  | safeURL }}" alt="{{ .Text }}" {{ with .Title }} title="{{ .Text }}" {{ end }} />

Try the image render hook here.

<p class="md__image">
  <img src="/{{ path.Dir page.File }}/{{ .Destination | safeURL }}" alt="{{ .Text }}" {{ with .Title }} title="{{ . }}" {{ end }} />

{{ path.Dir page.File }}