How to use image width in markdown?

I have recently upgraded Hugo to 0.82.1, hoping I could get it to support Markdown links like these:

![]( =350x)

Is there a way to get Hugo to render =350x as it exists today? ( Maybe with render hook templates / attribute maps? )

I use for a CMS for my blogs, and it supports the above. (But if I change the link in other ways, it no longer renders correctly.)

I think if it were to take the number ‘350’ and use that as the width attribute for the image, it would work. Alternatively, is there a way for it just drop the piece =.*x and render what remains as usual?

Are you open to either of these alternate syntaxes?

![alt](a.img "=350x")
![alt](a.img "{width='350'}")

Presently, that results in the image being displayed full-size in with the contents visible when you mouse over it. This might still be acceptable, though. Does that work out of the box right now?

No. Both of the options above will require an image render hook. The second option is more flexible, allowing you to do things like:

![alt](a.img "This is the title attribute {width='100' height='75' style='border: 1px solid red;`}")

Which would render as:

<img src="a.jpg" alt="alt" title="This is the title attribute" width="100" height="75" style="border: 1px solid red;'">

If I can create that image render hook myself, then I actually consider that “out of the box” … But I had trouble understanding the documentation for image rendering hooks …

This is a good example:

Maybe you can test a bit, and post here again if you have specific questions?

<img src="{{ .Destination | safeURL }}" alt="{{ .Text }}" {{ with .Title}} title="{{ . }}"{{ end }} />

That is, unfortunately, exactly the example I had trouble understanding. It might be because it’s been a while since I’ve worked with Hugo. (Somewhere around 500 days…)

When I first saw this example, I didn’t understand where .Text and .Title were coming from, but when I just looked at the page again, I noticed this: The render-link and render-image templates will receive this context:, followed a list of what was supported, with size, style, etc, not in the list.

I’m guessing there’s a way to access those through .Attributes ? But attributes will be a map, so maybe accessing it will be something like .Attributes[size] … no idea what that would look like

… but I also don’t understand why .alt doesn’t seem to require with, but .Title does, but then why is title assigned "{{ . }}", and what does {{ end }} do?

So, I’d say I’m missing a few things …

![alternate text](/path-to-image.img "This is the title")
  --------------  ------------------  -----------------
      .Text          .Destination          .Title

So you need to parse the title.