How to suppress figcaption for images generated from markdown image syntax

I’m porting over some content that is already in markdown and it uses markdown image syntax:

![Image description here](image123.png)

Hugo generates a block like this:

      <img src="image123.png" width="550px"> <figcaption>
          <h4>Image description here</h4>

Is there a way to disable the generation of the <figcaption> part? Or is the recommended way to hide it via CSS?

Do you have a repo we can look at? That doesn’t happen for me. I think something else is doing it, maybe something in your theme.

For me

![Image description here](image123.png)


<p><img src="image123.png" alt="Image description here" /></p>

You’re totally right, I had migrated the one file where I noticed this from markdown image syntax to the “figure” Hugo shortcode because I needed to control the width on some of the images, but I completely forgot that I did that.

{{< figure src="image123.png" title="Image Description" width="550px" >}}

Switching them back to regular markdown syntax turns them into simple img elements again. I guess if I want both the width control as well as no figcaption, I need to make my own shortcode.