How to sort desc by publish date

Hi I was able to make a partial to display blog updates on the landing page.
My problem is they’re not sorted.
I want them to be sorted descending by the PublishDate.
How do I do that?

<div class="page-links">
  <h3>Recent Updates</h3>
  {{ with .Site.GetPage "/blog" }}
    {{ if .Data.Pages -}}
      {{ range $index , $page := .Data.Pages }}
        {{ if lt $index 3 }}
          <h5>{{ .Params.title }}</h5>
          <small>{{ .Params.lead | safeHTML }}</small>
          <p><small>Posted {{ .PublishDate.Format "January 2, 2006" }}</small><p>
        {{ end }}
      {{ end -}}
    {{ end -}}
  {{ end }}

They are; the default sort should be what you want. If that is not the case, I would look into if you’re setting/configure the dates correctly.

Oh you’re right.