How to show list of authors, grouped by month, with count of posts published in that month

Hey, people…
I’m trying to list all authors grouped by month, showing the count of posts.
What I’m expect is a list with:

Month 1
- Author Name (2)
- Other Author Name (1)

Month 2
- Author Name (54)
- Other Author Name (3)

What I got until now is a list of posts, grouped by month, with authors.

{{ range .Site.RegularPages.GroupByDate "2006-1" }}
<h2>{{ .Key }}
 ({{ len .Pages }})</h2>

<table id="list">
    {{ range .Pages}}
        <td>{{- .Params.authors -}}		
        <td><a href="{{.Permalink}}">{{.Title}}</a></td> 
        <td>{{ .Date.Format "Mon, Jan 2, 2006" }}<td>
    {{ end }}
{{ end }}

And the list of authors, with the total count of all life posts:

	{{ range $author_name, $taxonomy := .Site.Taxonomies.authors }}
		<li><a href="{{ .Page.Permalink }}">{{ $author_name }}</a> {{ .Count }}</li>
	{{ end }}