How to set themes variables inside root configuration?


I am currently using the hugo-material-docs theme. But in order to prevent further theme modifications in the git tree, I don’t want to modify the themes/hugo-material-docs/config.toml file. Instead I want to set all these parameters right into my config.yaml file.

The current themes/hugo-material-docs/config.toml file is looking like the following, and I want to tune all these variables just in my YAML config file.

name = "Material Docs"
license = "MIT"
licenselink = ""
description = "A material design theme for documentations."
homepage = ""
tags = ["material", "documentation", "docs", "google analytics", "responsive"]
features = ["", ""]
min_version = 0.15

  name = "Digitalcraftsman"
  homepage = ""

# If porting an existing theme
  name = "Martin Donath"
  homepage = ""
  repo = ""

Thank you by advance.

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